What it’s all about

So here is the end product, the purpose of breeding alpacas.  This is a hand-knitted (to order) cardigan, made from 100% pure alpaca yarn, from alpacas bred in the West Country.  The black yarn is pure black – no dye – and the grey is a mix of black and white fibre (approximately 18 parts white to one part black) – again no dye. So it’s a totally natural product, and of course being made from 100% alpaca it does not scratch and has no lanolin (to which many people are allergic and who therefore cannot wear sheep’s wool next to the skin).  It is light, warm and hard-wearing.  The black fibre is all from our own herd, while the white comes from the Lakeham Alpacas herd of Mike and Elizabeth Brookes near Exeter.

Alpaca cardigan

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