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Alpacas 1, Fox 0

A couple of days ago I heard a commotion in the barn – alpacas screeching as they do when they see a threat.  When I went out I found the alpacas (mums and crias) on full alert, with this fella skulking in a corner.  I got the alpacas out of the way and then on approaching the fox, saw that it was clearly injured.  It was still mobile, but would not let me get close enough to inspect it.  Its legs, head and neck seemed to be OK, but its abdomen looked to me as if it had taken a bit of a beating.  From the way it was moving, there was no way it could have got past the alpacas and into the back of the barn in that state, so I can only conclude that the alpacas found it in the barn and attacked it.  I have heard of alpacas trampling foxes to death in the past, but this is the first time I have personally seen such evidence.

Fox beaten by alpacasFox beaten by alpacas