Plan B

Well that plan changed pretty rapidly – Mark mowed on Monday (about 20 acres) and it was obvious first thing on Tuesday that, given the hot day forecast, I ought to be thinking about baling and wrapping on Tuesday.  So off I went tedding all day – what a dusty job that is – and Charlie turned up to row, bale and wrap late afternoon.  The bale count was about 160 all together, which is a very good crop bearing in mind that I use no artificial fertiliser.  The question is : how do I know which management change (if any) generated the improved crop – was it spreading slurry after last year’s second cut, grazing the ground with sheep last autumn, aerating the ground to improve root development – or maybe none of those – possibly just due to the wet warm summer and the fact that it’s been cut about three weeks later than usual ?  Ho hum, the joys of farming.  Today’s main task is racing round the fields picking up the bales and stacking them in nice neat rows – each bale stacked on its end, of course !

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