Fleece for sale

Alpaca fleece for sale

We have many colours of alpaca fleece available, in various quantities and qualities, suitable for home spinners and end use in everything from baby booties to adult scarves and even rugs and carpets.

Benefits of alpaca fibre

Alpaca fibre is known as a “Noble” fibre because of its softness, warmth and lustre.   When properly sorted and processed, it will have an extremely low “prickle factor”, meaning that it can be worn next to the skin without causing discomfort.  Furthermore, unlike sheep’s wool, it is extremely low in lanolin, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

As alpacas come in so many natural colours, it is also possible to produce beautiful yarns and  fabrics without having to resort to dyes.  In fact, alpaca fibre is considered to be the only natural fibre available in a solid black … although some breeds of sheep might appear black, their wool nearly always requires dyeing in order to attain any degree of consistency.

Beautiful Alpacas and Alpaca Products

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