Gestation period

Alpaca gestation period

We monitor the gestation period of our females.  For the 69 births in our herd so far (July 2012), the gestation period has ranged from 314 to 362 days, with an average of a little under 340 days. We are aware of other breeders who have experienced periods in excess of 365 days.

The gestation periods for the four who birthed first in 2011 were all significantly greater than the longer term average, at 356, 356, 358 and 362 days – but then from the fifth through to the nineteenth, it reverted to a much more typical 323-347.  This might be related to the relatively hard winter in 2010/2011 delaying the earlier births.

I can find no obvious strong correlation between gestation period and birth weight.

The following graph shows the frequency distribution of our births :

Alpaca gestation period

The way to read this graph is that, for example, we have had 6 births at 336 days, 4 at 337, 1 at 338, 5 at 339, etc..

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