Puriton Party in the Park

Just back from Puriton’s Party in the Park – that was one muggy day ! The alpacas decided that – what with the heat, the noise and the strangeness of it all – they’d spend most of the day in the trailer rather than outside in the pen. But we had lots of visitors admiring them and the products we make from their fleece, and we made many new contacts – and as I can bore for England on the subject of alpacas, I enjoyed myself too !

Party, party, party !!!

Off to Puriton’s “Party in the Park” tomorrow with a few animals, fleeces, yarns and products. Anyone going down the M5 past junction 23 (Bridgwater) should just head off on the A39 towards Street and then Puriton’s the first village on the left. Starts at 2 p.m., and the party carries on into the evening – not that the alpacas will be staying up late !