About Blacklands Alpacas

We bought our first four alpacas in 2005, and as a result of selective breeding and good husbandry, we developed our herd of mainly black and brown huacayas, with a few whites and greys to add variety and breadth.  Our aim has always been to focus particularly on the renewable product of alpacas, i.e. the fleece and the products which can be derived from it.

We send a large proportion of our annual crop of fibre away to specialist mills, but keep some back for ourselves for spinning and selling to local crafts folk.

Alpaca products

We are continually developing and expanding our range of garments such as mittens, scarves, hats and ear-warmers, using natural yarn from our own animals – one of the great things about having black animals is that they provide a totally natural black fibre, and the fleece does not need dyeing to be consistent.  We also have some gorgeous little Teddy Bears in brown, grey or black.

Alpacas for sale

We occasionally have alpacas for sale in a variety of colours, though we have none at the current time.






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To find out more about alpacas (with all the usual provisos which apply to Wikipedia !) here is a link to the Wiki article.

Beautiful Alpacas and Alpaca Products

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